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Daniel Henny’s Show Canceled?

December 3, 2009

Daniel Henny’s Show may be canceled this information come straight from
Asian are slowly making their way into the American mainstream media and the two most recent noteworthy presences would have to be actors John Cho and Daniel Henney. John Cho’s new show on ABC, Flash forward, has gained tremendous momentum and popularity however, Daniel Henney’s show sings a different song.

On his show “Three Rivers”, Daniel Henney plays a womanizing surgeon who works in a Pennsylvania hospital that specializes in organ transplants. Despite his top notch performance and sexy charms, the viewers and critics say that the show is “dull” and the viewership on the show continued to decrease since its pilot episode.

CBS announced that the show has been canceled but a source claims that the project is currently on hold. Only 8 out of the 13 episodes have been aired and due to its poor ratings, it’s unclear whether or not the remaining 5 will be aired. For the time being, the show’s time slot will be replaced by other shows I could and do really care less about.
Poor Daniel Henny he is such a good actor but I think he picks horrible shows to be in… him and John Cho should meet and converse,maybe Cho can show him how to pick the best script. Let’s be honest there are already like three medical shows ER/House/Grey’s Anatomy… I’ve watched the first episode and the main character has no unique quality to make people really catch on. You know how Dr. House is a brute, crazy, pill poppin doctor?

I feel like the show’s pace is slower than the other medical shows and if it wants to compete it has to step up its game. I assume after episode 1 more development of the characters is shown but they just don’t grab you. Although Henny’s character is witty and not your average doctor, he talks about eating fatty “can clog your heart” food in like the entire show there are only so many Henny fans we can’t keep this show a float. It needs material to grabs others.
But you should watch and let me know!

Daniel Henny> FIGHTING!