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JYP NEw SOng NO Love No More

December 1, 2009

Breaking news…
JYP Famous Singer/Producer/Owner of JYP ENTERTAINMENT has finally released his new single No Lore NO More. This song will be on his new album and he will be performing it on his new song at his BAD PARTY.

JYP is the producer who produced 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls and Formerly Produced Rain.
Honestly I think I expected more vocally but I love the video maybe it because I’m a Journalism major but there are NO JUMPCUTS and its matched up good the sequences…Yea I had no ideal he could dance as well as he can. Now I see where rain developed from. Good JoB JYP I’m Proud.

PS I think a lot of us are being overly critical because of his age of course what appeals to people in his age group won’t always appeal to us. we are use to seeing these 20 something year old men do back flips on stage and stuff….JYP is doing great he dance better than some people my age so lighten appreciate good entertainment.

oh does this MV remind your of P Diddy/ Sean Puffy Combs (not sure what to call him these days)?