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May 19, 2010

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged but, I had to update everyone with this new drama.

Title: Insaengeun Areumdawo / Life is Beautiful
Also known as: Life is Beautiful
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 50
Director: Jung Eul Young
Scriptwriter: Kim Soo Hyun
Broadcast network: SBS , Saturday & Sunday 21:45

The daily lives of a family living in Jeju Island.

Yang Byung Tae’s mother is a stubborn and tough family-head who holds the Yang family together despite of going through the heart-break of being betrayed by her husband. Byung Tae who married Kim Min Jae in his second marriage after the death of his first wife, brought in more people into his side of the family. His seemingly prefect elder son, Yang Tae Sub is actually having a relationship with another man which will be threatening to their family relations if he was discovered. His second son, Ho Sub who is their family’s trouble-maker, wants to be in tourist submarine business after failing out of college, while his youngest daughter, Cho Rong is after fame after being scouted as the resort model.(credit : soompi)
This is another family drama. Similar to what we in America call “Soap Operas” just not as racy. The story revolves around about twelve people (I’ve only watched up to episode 1o).  Most of the character are related to each other, with the exception of the love interest of the members.

I will admit it.  At first I was skeptical, that is until I learned that there was a gay couple. Yea that’s right!! No, I didn’t type that wrong. Korea, a conservative society, is having a gay couple on daytime weekend television. Now, I’m not gay but, I do like to watch new exciting things. And did I mention both guys are really nice looking.

Song Chang Ui portrays the character Tae Sub on the drama. Tae Sub is a sweet ,caring, well rounded guy. He is smart doctor that seems so perfect to the family but Tae sub is hiding a secret…that he actually like men. He is in a relationship with a woman named Chae Young who is also a doctor at the same hospital. Chae Young is hopelessly in love with Tae Sub despite his lack of interest in her. Tae sub breaks up with her(not explaining his preference for men) because of his relationship with Kyung Soo but this woman refuses to take No for an answer and keeps pursuing him.

Lee Sang Woo plays Tae Sub’s Significant other A.K.A his Boyfriend. Kyung Soo.  He is the masculine one in the relationship. A professional photographer who isn’t shy about his feelings. He understands Tae Subs concerns about not wanting to be openly gay, However, Kyung Soo was married and had a child before he decided to come out. He doesn’t want Tae Sub to make the same mistake. He is the one who pushed Tae Sub to break up with Chae Young.

All in all I really like this couple they have a very complex relationship with Chae Young chasing Tae Sub and also hiding their relationship from friends and family this is quiet interesting. The only problem I have with this couple is the lack of air time they have together. The show is about an hour long and they received maybe if not 15 minutes together some times even less. Another issue I have with them are their love scenes, not to be confused with “intimate/Sex Scenes.” Why are they so awkward at times? Am I the only one who feels this way. I mean of course they are not gay in real life but THIS IS ACTING…SO ACT. I mean they are being paid big bucks right?

On a Different note, I’m really happy Korea is becoming more open. I know that Japan has a large variety of gay movies or Yaoi Genre that is really popular among women. I wonder if this trend is spreading to Korea? They are not that far from one another.

What do you think?

Check out LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL if not for the gay couple, how about the dysfunctional married couples?