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TVXQ invited to Kohaku BUT NOT Big Bang

November 29, 2009

AS SOME OF YOU MAY KNOW TVXQ/DBSK Has been invited to Kohaku to perform this year. This will be there 2nd time performing on KOHAKU. For all who don’t know what KOHAKU is I’ll give you a brief explanation. KOHAKU Uta Gassen A.K.A. Kohaku is the annual New Year’s Eve Music show its produced by NHK (A big Broadcasting company like CBS) the show is broadcasted in all of Asia and internationally on certain stations. It’s such a huge event because artist can only perform if they are invited by invitation. NHK only invites artist who are very popular “in demand” If an artist is invited it is like they have made it or are making it because the show reaches millions. The show divides the artist into groups Red team “akagumi” are the female singers. And the white team “shirogumi” is the Male team.


To the Big Bang fans I’m sorry they weren’t invited. I know many Big Bang fans wanted them to be on the show but they will probably be invited next year. I mean they just promoted themselves in Japan they have to put in time and then their dues will be paid to them. “ALL in good time my friend” I’m pretty sure this time next year both TVXQ and Big Bang will be sharing the stage.