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Crazy Fan writes 2pm’s Taecyeon…in BLOOD?

November 29, 2009

Breaking NEWS LOL
Taecyeon, Rapper of the Famous Group 2PM recieved a fan letter. Not Just any fan Letter….You should prepare yourself for this. Really I’m serious.

Typically fan letters are written love letter sent to show our celebs our appreciation, devotion, and unwavering love.
Well the picture to left sure does show that right? This letter is written in blood. Wait there’s more…this letter was not just written in normal everyday average blood, thats because you can’t use this blood everyday it only comes every 28 days or so depending on the woman. Yea that’s right The letter was written in Menstrual blood. The culprit posted a picture of her own bloody pad to prove to people that she actually did this on her minihompy. Not only did she write the letter in blood, it was sprinkled with her pubic hairs, along with an ounce of love. (I would have posted the picture but just writing about it makes me sick)

POOR Taecyeon! This in my opinion is disgusting and crazy…(can i say that?) but hey if you love your favorite celebrity how far would you go to show your love? Hopefully not this far…I would say she’s a couple of nuts away from going to the nutty bin.(just kidding I’m not a shrink and i don’t know this girl so take my comments lightly)
This is the type of stuff that if it had happened to me I would so not accept fan mail again I mean this is so unsanitary. It would so turn me off I’d probably just go gay(plz taecyeon all women aren’t crazy I promise…like me)
I don’t know maybe I’m overreacting.