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NEW Indie Korean Rock Band C.N. Blue 2010

February 1, 2010

Code Name: Blue.

C.N. Blue is a new Korean Indie Rock Band that everyones hyped over. Guess what guys. They actually aren’t that new. These guys debuted August 2009 in Japan with their first mini album called Now or Never. This album was sung in all English.(Very impressive)

These four boys recently made their debut in Korea with their new album Bluetory, which took the number one spot on Mnet and the #2 spot on Hanteo charts. On January 31st they recently won their first Mutizen award on SBS inkigayo.

The band is composed of four members

Lee Jonghyun (19) Guitar and Vocalist. (Cute as a Button)

Jung Yong hwa (20) Leader vocalist, guitarist, and rapper. (Great Vocals)

Lee Jung shin (18) Bassist, rapper (Doesn’t He remind your of Heechul?)

Kang, Minhyuk (18) Drummer (Adorable)

Their newest track, I’m a Loner, is a nice pop-like soft rock indie tune with a dash of rap. All in all it’s a very catchy tune that will have you bobbing your head to the beat and singing the song all day even if you don’t know the words yet. The vocals are also good as well. If you don’t believe me check out the MV and the Live Performance… its great. I think in terms of new bands for 2010 C.N. Blue Beats out F.Cuz and Ze:A. (but don’t kill me for saying that)

I’m a Loner Live

All I have to say is this. -> They are like the  new rock/indie version of DBSK minus the fact that only two members sing??? Can’t say for sure but we will see…