2PM’s Hottest Fans will be holding a Demonstration….A Protest (UPDATE)

2PM’s Fan Base HOTTEST will be having a Demonstration this week in Seoul regarding Jaebum.

For those of you who do not know Jaebum’s situtation (if that’s even possible) Jaebum (former group leader and member of 2PM) left the group last year after he made offensive comments about Korea on his Myspace. These statements caused an uproar netizens call for his removal of the group.

When Jaebum’s left the group JYP stated on national broadcast that “Jaebum will return” However fans are alittle worried that this may not happen…Especially with the newest JYP controversy, that SunMi of the Wonder Girls is leaving the group.

What are HOTTEST planning to do?

The fan union wrote on their fan café wall on January 28,
“On January 31 from 1pm, we will be doing a nationwide demonstration for JaeBum. For Seoul, the venue is in front of JongRo 2 BoShinGak. I know that (reporters) may be busy, but please do do reports on it. Thank you. -HOTTEST-”
(Translation from Soompi)

IT has recently come to my attention that HOTTEST Canceled the Demonstartion that was suppose to happened today. There has been no word on why the protest was cancelled as of now. but stay tuned….

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