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Crazy Fan writes 2pm’s Taecyeon…in BLOOD?

November 29, 2009

Breaking NEWS LOL
Taecyeon, Rapper of the Famous Group 2PM recieved a fan letter. Not Just any fan Letter….You should prepare yourself for this. Really I’m serious.

Typically fan letters are written love letter sent to show our celebs our appreciation, devotion, and unwavering love.
Well the picture to left sure does show that right? This letter is written in blood. Wait there’s more…this letter was not just written in normal everyday average blood, thats because you can’t use this blood everyday it only comes every 28 days or so depending on the woman. Yea that’s right The letter was written in Menstrual blood. The culprit posted a picture of her own bloody pad to prove to people that she actually did this on her minihompy. Not only did she write the letter in blood, it was sprinkled with her pubic hairs, along with an ounce of love. (I would have posted the picture but just writing about it makes me sick)

POOR Taecyeon! This in my opinion is disgusting and crazy…(can i say that?) but hey if you love your favorite celebrity how far would you go to show your love? Hopefully not this far…I would say she’s a couple of nuts away from going to the nutty bin.(just kidding I’m not a shrink and i don’t know this girl so take my comments lightly)
This is the type of stuff that if it had happened to me I would so not accept fan mail again I mean this is so unsanitary. It would so turn me off I’d probably just go gay(plz taecyeon all women aren’t crazy I promise…like me)
I don’t know maybe I’m overreacting.



November 29, 2009

If Ninja's really existed....And looked like this.....

So I just saw one of the new action packed NINJA ASSASIN!

Yea it’s was action packed lots of gore but before I get into that I would like to Congratulate RAIN/BI on his feature American film. I’m proud. He looked Sexy!
So before I give my thoughts on this film I just want to state some things. I am so biased when it comes to this movie because I’m such a fan of Rain (he dances soooooo good) I’m not sure if I can be fair If I like this movie for him or if i don’t like this movie and I’m just thinking about Rain. but I will try my best….
Oh Rain has a spread in Allure Korea magazines. Check out the Picture below.


So Rain is back on the Hollywood scene doing it big as always this time as an Assassin in Ninja Assassin. Rain whose character is called Raizo, is a young guy who after years of intense tough mind breaking training has succeed becoming not only Ninja Assassin but the deadliest Assassin in the entire universe. Raizo breaks away from the clan (call Ozunu Clan) training on his own so that he can one day seek revenge against them for killing his childhood friend. Meanwhile in Europe an agent find out about ninjas investigating she stumbles upon more than she can chew. The Ozuna find about her investigation and is out to get agent Mika, and Raizo too.

Okay so I expected swords flying about you know the typical Asian kungfu flick made by an American. And what did I get the most goriest (is that a word) Movie I’ve ever seen. Fighting and more fighting….blood and more blood. Kill Bill has nothing on this movie. This movie was so violent and not to mention the creative ways to kill the enemy. The first 20 minutes were a little horrifying. I think that this movie is more for men or teen boys who can ride off that “cool” factor.
Although rain is the main character his lines are not longer than about five words per line. Hell for Rain to be the lead he talked very little…but I guess that goes with his character being badass an all. Its to be expected considering that Rain’s English is so-so. I will say his accent is cute though. Even though rain shows off his high fighting skill (Jackie Chan look out he does his own stunts too) his acting is so-so. The storyline in the movie is boring or maybe typical MIKA and Rain they didn’t even kiss….what’s up with that? Can someone say Romeo must die 2? Minus the better story line. I don’t know all in all it was a movie you can go to and be like hey I didn’t waste $7. The movie was entertaining especially the special effects of the ninjas. Ladies THIS IS a MUST GO TO SEE RAIN’S ABS AND GREAT BODY I’m TELLING YOU I Went with my boyfriend to see this and I almost forget he was there. All the hard work rain put into those ABS paid OFF. ☺ All in all it’s a good movie for a date or friendly outing. The girls get eye candy the boys get there action packed fighting, “man he just cut off his head scenes“
GO RAIN!!!!!!!!

TVXQ invited to Kohaku BUT NOT Big Bang

November 29, 2009

AS SOME OF YOU MAY KNOW TVXQ/DBSK Has been invited to Kohaku to perform this year. This will be there 2nd time performing on KOHAKU. For all who don’t know what KOHAKU is I’ll give you a brief explanation. KOHAKU Uta Gassen A.K.A. Kohaku is the annual New Year’s Eve Music show its produced by NHK (A big Broadcasting company like CBS) the show is broadcasted in all of Asia and internationally on certain stations. It’s such a huge event because artist can only perform if they are invited by invitation. NHK only invites artist who are very popular “in demand” If an artist is invited it is like they have made it or are making it because the show reaches millions. The show divides the artist into groups Red team “akagumi” are the female singers. And the white team “shirogumi” is the Male team.


To the Big Bang fans I’m sorry they weren’t invited. I know many Big Bang fans wanted them to be on the show but they will probably be invited next year. I mean they just promoted themselves in Japan they have to put in time and then their dues will be paid to them. “ALL in good time my friend” I’m pretty sure this time next year both TVXQ and Big Bang will be sharing the stage.




November 29, 2009


All five members will appear on Japanese Television shows. They already appeared on Nihon TV’s Best Hit Music Awards 2009 on the 26th. I posted the link below. They also will be appearing on FUJI TV’s FNS MUSIC AWARDS December 2nd. And who can forget they will be appearing on NHK’s RED AND WHITE KOHAKU. I’m so happy that they will be together as DBSK. Even though the three members Jaejoong, Micky, and Junsu are legally independent from SM entertainment they have legal contracts with AVEX, their Japanese entertainment company. As long as these contracts are valid they must carry out their duties in Japan. I’m a little terrified I hope they won’t be awkward together. I hope they don’t have any hard feeling towards one another. But since the Mnet awards speech I feel they will be okay…. I think that there love for each other will prevail (I sound like a therapist). I have faith in DBSK LOVE U OPPAS.

Below is youtube video of there perfromance not as strong as they usually are…in my opinion. OPPAS Be STRONG

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Hello world!

November 27, 2009

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ciara Corley I’m a Journalism Student and in my spare time (which isn’t much) I listen to K-POP and J-POP. I’m Learning Japanese and my sister and I are currently Teaching ourselves Korean. Because we are learning the language learning the culture is a must we spend time reading international news to keep us updated on current events.  This blog will mostly be about Celebrity news. DBSK< SNSD<SUPER JUNIOR<SS501<YUI<YUNA ITO<AYUMI HAMASAKI<KODA KUMI< AND MANY MORE.